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Doyle is very excited to have powered both the 2017 and 2018 J70 World Champions. Peter Duncan’s Relative Obscurity, the 2017 World Champs, also won the Italian Nationals, Newport Regatta, and Bacardi Miami Sailing week in 2017. Jud Smith’s Africa, the 2018 World Champs, also won Marblehead NOOD overall and placed 2nd at Bacardi Miami Sailing week in 2018. This marked our head of One Design’s 10th Worlds win.


Doyle’s J70 Main is a cross cut layout available in 5.5 oz or 6.6 oz hard tempered fabric. This M2 design was developed after the 2014 Newport Worlds to be a better all-purpose main that flattens easily when following the tuning matrix and still have enough power for the light air conditions that our M1 performed so well in. Our main is the flattest on the market, making it more user friendly through the full range of conditions. The M2 comes standard with vision and spreader windows, RBS epoxy battens, rocket tensioners on each batten, and a drawstring roll bag.


After the arrival of the Selden mast, we came out with the J8R design, which has an even higher clew by 25 mm than our previous model to accommodate more mast rake and make in-hauling easier. We recommend the J8R for use with both the Selden mast and Southern Spars mast, making sure to increase headstay length to 145 cm or more. Our jibs are constructed from the lowest stretch woven pro-radial fabric available. Jud and Dimension Polyant created this cloth to spec for the purpose of the J70 jib. Doyle’s J8R comes standard with two vision windows and a drawstring PE Clear roll bag. The zipper luff and clew blocks are recommended available options.


Doyle One Design’s J70 Spinnaker is offered in either AIRX 650 or Superkote 75. We recommend the AIRX 650 fabric choice for an all-purpose use, but the Superkote 75 choice has tested well in light and lumpy conditions. Our spinnaker comes standard with adjustable spectra luff cord and drawstring bag. Graphics on new white spinnakers are more economical and efficient than ever. Ask us for a quote!

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